Push Nmbrs runs

Push a single run from Nmbrs into Xero, combined into one journal or separately for each period.

You can prepurchase credits or have them billed from your credit card or bank account upon use.

Additional features


Split your journal lines by departments or cost centres of your Nmbrs administration.

Automatic synchronisation

Have Payrollmate check your Nmbrs administration for updates and push journals when there are new runs.

In addition to the 2 credit base fee for each run, these additional features can be activated per-administration.

All prices listed are excluding VAT. See your billing overview page for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit?
Credits are used for processing payroll journals. Pushing a sinlge run's journals from Nmbrs to Xero costs 2 credits, and splitting by department or cost centres costs 1 additional credit for a total of 3.
Do I have to give you my billing details to try Payrollmate out?
Nope! When you register, we give you trial credits for the first organisation you connect to see if Payrollmate is useful to you and if it works with your payroll administration.
What happens when I run out of credits?
If you set up automatic payments you'll be charged for overage credits at €2.00 each. This allows you to pay for larger batches without topping up credits manually.
What if I need a plan a larger plan?
Drop us a line through our contact form and we will tailor a plan to suit your needs.