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Payrollmate takes your Nmbrs payroll runs and turns them into Xero journal entries automatically.

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What does Payrollmate do?

Pulls from Nmbrs

Payrollmate connects directly to your Nmbrs administration and compacts your payroll journals, ready for your review.

Pack journals into one

For runs with multiple journals, Payrollmate allows you to automatically add the journals together into a single cumulative one, ready to be synchronised.

No need to mess with lock dates anymore!

Manage multiple companies

Payrollmate natively connects with multiple Nmbrs and Xero organisations, perfect for bookkeeping shops!

Pushes to Xero

Payrollmate connects directly to your Xero organisations and maps your Nmbrs journal lines to your Xero chart of accounts.

Automatic daily synchronisation

Never click buttons again, map your accounts once and forget about it. Payrollmate will take care of checking Nmbrs for updates and push your journals to Xero, hands-free.

Separate by departments and cost centers

If your company uses departments or cost centers to separate salaries, Payrollmate lets you map these categories to individual Xero general ledger accounts.

Forget about splitting journal entries!

See more details at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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